Job Search Strategies/Tools

Your Professional Brand

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If you are currently searching for a new job, or plan to be soon, then paying close attention to your professional branding should be a top priority. SPOILER ALERT! Your professional brand is more than just your resume! 😉 I’m sharing the top 3 things you can do to elevate your professional brand during your job search.

Working with Recruiters During Your Job Search

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Want to understand the different types of recruiters? And how you might be able to partner with them during a job search? Let me break it all down in today’s video.

Mindset - Your Secret Weapon During Your Job Search

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Pssst! Want to know a secret? Your MINDSET MATTERS when you are preparing for and going into job interviews! The messages you tell yourself have an impact on performance…so make sure you STAY POSITIVE & FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTHS as you prepare for a job interview. Keep the negative thoughts away…they won’t help you…it’s positive thoughts and vibes ALL THE WAY baby! Let’s DO THIS!