Interviewing for high-level opportunities is more demanding than ever before. Top executives can benefit greatly from having an advocate who can help them successfully navigate this intensive process.

I serve my clients by powerfully positioning their skills & experience and helping them master their interviewing skills. I do this all while providing highly personalized support and coaching throughout.

I deliver expert-level services around resumés, LinkedIn profiles and interviewing skills for executives and for select college graduates graduating from elite Undergraduate & Master’s programs.

I am a highly skilled communicator who is gifted at connecting with people, understanding their needs, and providing the tools and guidance they need to succeed. My work style is extremely consultative, individualized and supportive.

My goal is simple – to help top talent create the absolute best representation of themselves and their personal brand in order to achieve their professional goals.

I have personally conducted over 1,000 job interviews during the course of my career, and I know what candidates need to do to perform well. My successful career in sales and sales management has further informed my ability to coach candidates on how to most effectively sell themselves – both in writing and in person.

Want to connect with me? Schedule a free 45-minute individual career strategy session. We’ll have an in-depth discussion about your personal career circumstances and your future goals, and you have absolutely no obligation beyond that. https://go.oncehub.com/lynee-strategy-session

Specialties include: Career Coaching, Interview Preparation & Coaching, Resumé & LinkedIn Consulting/Rewrites, Communication Coaching, Presentation Coaching


Lynée is the epitome of a valuable career coach. She helped me with interview readiness, including what to expect regarding specific interview questions.  Most importantly, she showed me how to portray a genuine confidence during the interview process. Lynée is a true professional who cares about her clients’ career search and is empathetic regarding the emotion that comes with it. She will provide consultation and support that will certainly build your credibility as you prepare for your next role. Lynée is a trusted advisor whom I definitely recommend.

Jay Robinson

Having both interviewed with & for Lynée, I can speak to her thoroughness. She makes sure the candidates are informed about the opportunity, but also digs in to understand if their qualities meet the needs of the job description.

Matt Lopez

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