Transitions Are Messy


I went out for a hike last weekend, and I was SO EXCITED to get out on a springlike day. But soon after I started…I was slogging through slush and mud and I was feeling disappointed…like this hike was not going to be much “fun” and maybe I should turn around. But I pressed on…and after about a mile, I came upon a nice dry stretch of trail. I walked as far as I could on that dry path, and then I turned around for the inevitable trek back through the muck.

But you know what? The walk back was EASIER. Why? Because I knew what to expect.

At the start of my walk, I had to make the decision to PUSH THROUGH, despite the fact that this was not the hike I expected (or wanted). And on the way back, I realized that it wasn’t that bad after all.

The transition from winter to spring Is MESSY. But it also full of PROMISE of better days ahead.

The same can be said of the process of navigating a job change, regardless of whether the change is your choice or not.

It’s going to feel a little messy. But that’s OK. It’s going to be worth trekking through the muck to get to that beautiful dry trail that is waiting for you…if you just press on.