3 Updates That Can Have A Big Impact on LinkedIn

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Many people are not sure where to start when updating their LinkedIn profile. So I’m keeping it simple by focusing on 3 key areas to update in order to improve the look and content of your LinkedIn profile.

How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL

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Want to have a “cool” LinkedIn URL? One that doesn’t have a bunch of random characters slapped on the end? One that looks professional and that you can include on your resumé? I’ll teach you how in just 2 minutes!

The Importance of LinkedIn Recommendations

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LinkedIn recommendations are a powerful tool you can leverage during a job search. Think about it. Online reviews are everywhere these days, right? Well guess what? Your LinkedIn recommendations are the equivalent of your online reviews as an employee! It’s a fantastic professional branding opportunity! So if you need help getting started with LinkedIn recommendations, or you want to freshen things up by adding some more current recommendations to your profile, this week’s 5-minute video is for you! Be sure you take full advantage of the opportunity to secure your own 5-star reviews…about yourself!