How Gardening Is Like Job Search

Newly planted garden

I did a lot of work in my backyard last weekend.

I loaded up on plants and even decided to create a small herb garden this year.

I planted for hours.

And once I was done…I felt a little let down.

I was looking at a bunch of tiny plants, but what I *WANTED* to see was a beautiful, overflowing garden with herbs that I can start enjoying NOW.

It reminds me of the job search process.

You do a lot of hard work…and want immediate results.

But just like my summer garden, the work you do on your job search today will definitely pay off…over time.

By searching, applying, and networking consistently and over time, you build real MOMENTUM in your job search.

And this momentum is your metaphorical garden.

If you nurture it and tend to it…even when it doesn’t look like anything is happening or changing…it will produce results!

Keep this in mind when it feels hard to apply to ANOTHER job online or you’re not getting any interviews…

You ARE making progress.

Just like my tiny plants are growing…even though I can’t see it yet.

I know it’s frustrating when you can’t immediately see the fruits of your labor.

But rest assured…the work you are doing today (and every day) will make all the difference in landing your next job.

Keep at it! You’ve got this!